Powerful Facebook Ad Testing & Management System

  • Save time and money
    auto-bidding and optimization rutines
  • View results in real-time
    analyze campaigns hour by hour
  • Make mass changes within seconds
    reduce manual processes of campaign creation
  • Track your sales
    conversion tracking beyond Facebook

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Powerful Ad Editor

Create multiple creatives and targeting iterations across multiple demographics with different pricing optimization strategies. Read more

Automation and Optimization

Automatically rotate large number of your images, headlines and ad copy to keep ads working. Automatic pausing of non-performing ads. Read more

Advanced Reporting

Create templates and schedule reports on weekly/monthly basis so you can send them automatically to your team or clients. Read more

Time Scheduling

Schedule your ads to run only at specific hours or dates (e.g. working hours, weekends). Read more

Conversion Tracking

Track your sales and optimize campaigns based on conversion data. Read more

Ad Testing made easy

Create A/B or MVT tests with one click and let the system find best ad combinations. Read more

Multi-level user accounts

Create accounts with different user roles and invite colleagues and clients to specific account or campaigns. Read more

Targeting and Suggestions

Target users by different interests, age, gender and use dynamic keywords in ad creatives to achieve better relevance. Read more

Get 10% discount when we launch!
Or, take a quick tour.